The most elegant dog breeds: what are they and what skills do they excel in?5 dogs

A classification by Diario de Sevilla indicates the five most elegant dog breeds. Some of them are highly recommended for living with children.

 What is the first thing a person looks at when acquiring a pet? It is difficult to know, as there are many who decide which dog to bring home and make it a pet depending on the needs of the owner, whether or not they have children or if they live in a house or in an apartment, among other reasons.

But there are some dog breeds that are considered more elegant. Mascotíssimas, a section of Diario de Sevilla dedicated to pets, has published an article with a classification of the five most elegant dog breeds.

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Afghan Greyhoun

The Afghan Greyhound is a dog that needs a lot of care and maintenance, such as grooming. It has a long, silky coat and a strong, arched neck, “pronounced hips, large limbs, seemingly exaggerated curve at the knees and a ring-tipped tail,” according to Hillspet. His character is strong, aloof and self-assured.

Weimar Braco de Weimar:

It brings elegance in the DNA. In the 19th century, this dog breed belonged mainly to Weimar aristocrats, who used them for big game hunting, according to the website mentioned above. They are active dogs that need to move throughout the day. They are intelligent and require a lot of interaction with people. A word of advice, keep your Weimar Braco de Weimar away from other animals such as rodents or birds: the hunting history of this breed may push the dog to attack them.

Scottish Longhaired Shepherd:

This dog breed is extremely sociable and can get along with other dogs as well as with people it sees on the street. According to Hillspet, it is a highly recommended breed for families with children. These dogs need attention and training and are very intelligent.


The Saluki is very comfortable in a family, and can be extremely shy with people he does not know. They are loyal, quiet, attentive to the little ones in the house and need to run every day. It is thin, has long hair in the ears and sometimes they are very meticulous when it comes to eating.

Irish Setter:

They are very funny and intelligent dogs. They love to get into mischief. But this breed needs to run intensely on a daily basis due to their hunting nature, so we will also have to be careful when introducing them to other smaller pets.


The article from Diario de Sevilla provides a classification of the five most elegant dog breeds and offers insights into their characteristics. Some of these breeds are recommended for families with children. Here’s the conclusion of the article:

In the quest for the perfect pet, people often consider various factors, such as their living situation, the presence of children, and the breed’s characteristics. While the choice of a dog can be a highly personal decision, some breeds stand out for their elegance and suitability for different lifestyles.

The article introduces us to five dog breeds that exemplify elegance in their own unique ways. The Afghan Greyhound, with its silky coat and distinctive features, requires careful grooming and has a strong, self-assured character. Weimar Braco de Weimar, with a history linked to aristocracy, is an active and intelligent breed that thrives on interaction with people. The Scottish Longhaired Shepherd is a highly recommended family dog, known for its sociable nature and intelligence. The Saluki, comfortable in a family setting, is loyal and requires daily exercise. Finally, the Irish Setter, known for its humor and intelligence, needs daily physical activity due to its hunting instincts.

These dog breeds offer different qualities of elegance and companionship, making them suitable for various households. When choosing a dog, it’s essential to consider both the breed’s characteristics and one’s own lifestyle and preferences.

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