4 Common German Shepherd Health Problems popular

German Shepherd Health Problems

Hip Dysplasia

Can start German Shepherd Health Problems with Hip dysplasia is the number one problem related specifically to the health of German shepherds. Although other dogs have this problem, especially other large dogs, it is extremely common in German Shepherds, especially among litters in kennels where dog health is not a priority

In general, dogs that already have this problem should not be bred, but many breeders ignore this rule and breed the dogs anyway, creating another litter of dogs with this problem. This problem is painful for the dog and difficult to relieve because it is a deformity of the hip joint. Dogs that are overfed, overloaded or injured at a young age can damage their hips.

Elbow Dysplasia

Like hip dysplasia, this is a congenital condition that affects many large breeds, but it especially affects German Shepherds whose ancestors were poorly bred. Instead of being a hip joint problem, this problem involves the elbow joint. Most often caused by poor genetics, this problem can be very severe or very mild.

Mild cases often worsen over the course of the dog’s life, making walks very uncomfortable. Since this is one of the most common health problems in German Shepherds, ethical breeders will make sure both parents are free of elbow dysplasia before breeding them. Once a dog has elbow dysplasia, there is little a breeder or owner can do except make sure the dog is fed a proper diet to keep the joints Lubricated and painless for as long as possible.

Gastric Bloating or Dilatation-Volvation (GDV)

This is usually seen in dogs with short or medium coats, although the coat of long-haired German Shepherds can hide this problem. Essentially, it occurs when the dog eats too much food too quickly and then engages in too much physical activity, causing gas to build up in the stomach. When this happens and your dog can’t give off gas (with the usual methods), the pressure of the bloat can make breathing difficult and the body can go into shock

If you see your dog eating grass or trying to vomit without letting anything out, this is likely the problem. This is a life-threatening condition! The dog needs to be taken to the vet immediately or he may die. The best way to prevent this problem is to make sure he doesn’t eat too fast or too much at once.

Feeding him three small meals a day, instead of just one large one, can also prevent this German Shepherd Health problem. It’s also important to make sure he doesn’t do strenuous physical activity after eating. If my German Shepherd is having gastrointestinal problems, I usually worry. I already lost one of our dogs at age 10 to intestinal cancer, and the stomach and intestinal area seems to be a weak spot for this breed. This is where many of the serious health problems are found in German Shepherds.


Although this condition is more common in humans than in dogs, many people find that their German Shepherds suffer from this seizure disorder. This is a bit ironic because German Shepherds are often trained as seizure detection dogs for people with epilepsy or other epileptic disorders.

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