4 Common German Shepherd Health Problems popular

German Shepherd Health Problems

cataracts in their eyes

Another condition that affects both dogs and people as they age is that German Shepherds are particularly prone to cataracts in their eyes. Most owners know that this problem is starting to show, not only in the slightly cloudy appearance of the dog’s eyes, but also in the fact that the dog doesn’t seem to be able to navigate new spaces as well as he used to.

You can even see him bumping into things he used to be able to avoid. While this is a little strange at first (it’s always a little strange when your tall, lanky dog runs into a chair that he can normally see and avoid), if the cataract is allowed to progress, it can become very difficult for the dog to see anything.

Although some dogs don’t need their eyesight, especially if they have a pet dog and are very familiar with their home, surgery can help restore vision to an older dog that still relies on its eyes.

Degenerative disc disease

Like all large animals, including humans, German Shepherds can have serious spinal problems, especially as they get older. Some German Shepherd lines are more prone to this problem than others, which is likely to occur when the dog is still young. Most breeders try to avoid breeding these dogs, as they usually pass the problem on to their offspring, just as they received it from their parents.

Dogs should be evaluated for spinal abnormalities when they are relatively young. Because it is a degenerative and genetic disease, there is not much a person can do to prevent it, but there are many things an owner can do to prevent the disease from getting worse or harming the dog. A German Shepherd suffering from this health problem can be helped by proper diet, exercise and treatment.

What health problem has your dog suffered from?


Much like the members of European royalty who interbred so frequently that the recessive gene began to manifest in many nobles, sheepdogs that come from a long inbred line can be born with hemophilia.

Essentially what happens with this disease is that the blood cannot clot properly, so a small cut can be a serious problem and a bump that causes a bruise can be worrisome. Although it is not one of the most common health problems in this breed, hemophilia is more common in German Shepherds than in other breeds.

There is no cure for this disease, but these dogs can live happy and long lives with proper care. The owner of a dog with this disease should regularly check for bumps or growths that could be blood sacs forming under the skin, and they should be very careful when exercising to make sure they are not doing anything that is too strenuous or dangerous.

German Shepherd Health Problems: Diabetes

Because of their large size and tendency to overeat when they can find food, diabetes is quite common in German Shepherds. As with humans, symptoms include fatigue, dry mouth, excessive drinking, excessive urination, and swollen feet.

All of these problems can indicate that a dog is suffering from diabetes, which can be present in a German Shepherd from birth or develop later in life, even with proper diet and exercise. Sometimes it is a genetic condition, sometimes it develops due to environmental factors – whatever the cause,

Diabetes can be easily controlled with proper diet and exercise. In some more severe cases, a veterinarian may prescribe a daily insulin injection to help control the disease.

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