Discovering the German Shepherd, Adorable helpful breed 2024

The German Shepherd dog is one of the most popular breeds in the world. Let’s discover its main characteristics, character, and price.

Easily recognizable, the German Shepherd dog is of unique beauty and elegance. With its proud appearance and straight pointed ears, it is a perfect pet, but it must be known thoroughly. Let’s take a look at the main characteristics, character, and purchase price.

German Shepherd: characteristics

Strong and muscular dog, the German shepherd is one of the most famous four-legged friends in the world. Interpreter of several films, such as Commissioner Rex, is often used by law enforcement agencies to find drugs or missing persons. As the name suggests, his country of origin is Germany, precisely the city of Dresden. Males are 60 to 65 centimeters tall, while females are 55 to 60 centimeters tall. As for the weight, the males can weigh between 30 and 40 kg, while the females between 22 and 32 kg.

It’s a dog that needs a lot of exercises, so if you don’t have a house with a garden, think twice before welcoming it into your family. If you can’t guarantee him an outdoor space, know that you’ll have to give him long walks, so that he can discharge his energy and keep fit.

German shepherds love to walk, play and be in company. It is good that you know, however, that he is very protective of his family. As a good shepherd dog, he tends to prevaricate, so he needs firm training. If this is successful, it becomes a very balanced family member, very good and respectful even towards children. It is no coincidence that this breed is often trained as a guide dog for the blind, avalanche dog, disaster search dog, and surface search dog.

Before purchasing, you should know that the German Shepherd is predisposed to developing gastrointestinal problems, such as stomach twisting and drastic dilation, spinal cord diseases, and hip or elbow dysplasia.

German Shepherd Dogs Price

The German shepherd has characteristics that, as pointed out, lead him to be a useful dog even for the community. Before welcoming him into the family, however, it is recommended to evaluate well what it entails to take care of him. Always remember that good training is fundamental. If you decide to buy a dog, you should contact only and exclusively recognized breeders, who not only guarantee the purity of the breed but also the absence of any genetic diseases. The price ranges from 800 to 1500 dollars. Therefore, when you see a lower cost means that something does not fit. Ergo: be wary of those who propose purebred dogs at bargain prices.

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