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The German Shepherd features and appearance. The German Shepherd is beautiful, intelligent, and versatile. It is no coincidence that it has been used as a star in the making of several TV series. We remember Rin Tin Tin, Dix of Kitty Galore’s Revenge, and Commissioner Rex. Let’s find out together how best to raise this trusty friend.

This dog is robust and agile. It is not very suitable for the elderly and infirm, because it could create some management problems. It is a type of dog that needs daily exercise and to discharge energy. In this sense, its ideal environment is in the countryside or a house with a large garden. Those who keep German Shepherds should otherwise make sure they can take the dog outdoors to let it run and let off steam.

German Shepherd features and appearance: let’s get to know it better

It is a “working” dog for this reason it should have the opportunity to move and it would be good if it had activities to do. The ideal companion for the German Shepherd is a person who is willing to give him a lot of attention and a lot of time. It is a dog that needs continuous stimuli, both mental and physical. Long walks and exercise are therefore excellent.


From a character’s point of view, the German Shepherd is a self-confident, balanced, and easy-going dog. It is a dog with strong nerves and is good. It is very docile and vigilant, which is why it is often used as a watchdog and defense dog, for social services, and as a shepherd dog.

It has a good temperament and correct combativeness. It is therefore a faithful and sincere friend. It has good psychic and mental qualities. Its intelligence makes it a confident and never fearful dog. The German Shepherd reflects in its character its strong and muscular physical appearance. It is a dog used in many human activities because it is faithful and devoted to its master.

How the German Shepherd interacts

It loves man and is very perceptive towards him. With children, it is very sweet and affectionate, even if sometimes it does not know how to dole out its perhaps. It can be a good playmate for children, but better not to be an infant. However, in case a newborn arrives at home, it is good to introduce him immediately with patience and calm.

In this way, the dog will understand that it is not a rival, but a new member of the family and a friend. With other animals, it is very friendly, while with other dogs it tends to impose itself because of its security. However, he is usually playful and gets along well with other male specimens.

The appearance of the German Shepherd

The dog has a distinguished and elegant gait. The back is robust and muscular, the croup long and oblique. The dog’s coat is double, so it has an undercoat. The cover is thick, straight, and hard. On the head is short, while on the rest of the body and neck a little longer. The color of the coat is black with red-brown, or red-yellow spots that reach light gray.

The nose is black, as well as the mask and the coat. On the forehead, there are small white spots, which sometimes also appear on the inner part of the limbs. The head is wedge-shaped and well proportioned. The forehead is slightly convex. The muzzle is cone-shaped, has very developed jaws. The lips are dark, taut, and united. The tail is long, has long hair at the bottom, and falls slightly curved. The ears are upright and soft to the touch.

German Shepherd features and appearance

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