German Shepherd or Pit Bull: Making the Great Choice for Your Lifestyle

German Shepherd or Pit Bull

German Shepherd or Pit Bull That honestly depends on your family.

If you know you’ll be vacationing far away from your hometown, or if it’s likely you’ll be moving to one or more different cities during your dog’s life, you should get a German Shepherd. Pit bulls don’t feel well separated from conspecifics, and many cities and towns have breed bans on pit bulls – you may not be able to camp, go on trips, go to the beach, or even stay in hotels that welcome pets if you are in a place where there is a breed ban.

Pit bulls are naturally a bit friendlier and more sociable than German shepherds; both dogs need constant training and socialization to ensure they don’t become aggressive or overly protective/ possessive of their owners. Both dogs have a prey drive – Sheepdogs are larger and pull harder; Pitt Bulls are Terriers and have a slightly stronger prey drive. Both dogs will need careful and regular training to curb their hunting instincts.

German Shepherd or Pit Bull dogs can be great with children, need regular exercise, and are eager to please their family and show their affection.

Sheepdogs tend to be more intelligent, but shed a lot of fur compared to all other breeds except huskies, especially twice a year when they shed their fur. They are standoffish with new people until they are introduced to them, and they keep a watchful eye until they are sure the new person is trustworthy.

Although not as lively as German Shepherds, Pitts are more than intelligent enough to learn a variety of tricks and commands, love to have fun, and tend to be a bit more clownish than German Shepherds. They are very affectionate and love to make new friends. Their short coats are low maintenance and they do not shed as much hair as German Shepherds.

Sheepdogs usually need a job with lots of mental and physical stimulation to be happy. Pitt Bulls are insects in love – they want to be near you, play with you, have fun with you, and show you how much they love you. They may not be as physically demanding as German Shepherds, but they REALLY want to spend their free time cuddling next to you, sitting on your lap, or laying at your feet.

You need to watch your Pitt: People with bad intentions kidnap animals with the “right look” and throw them into fighting rings as fighters or bait. Don’t leave them unattended anywhere – if the dog hunters don’t take your dog, the SPCA probably will. Pitts don’t have the same distrust of strangers that German Shepherds do, so you need to watch out for them.

Sheepdogs are large dogs and cost more money to feed. Pitt Bulls tend to be medium sized, but their smaller size compared to German Shepherds makes them cheaper to feed and a little easier to handle, especially when it comes to learning leash walking skills.

Both dogs will need MANY long lasting and durable chew toys. Think Kong Extremes and Nylabones.

Both make fabulous, loving and affectionate pets, but deciding which dog is the best fit for you depends on your family.

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