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Sheepdog Training

Can First-Time Owners Train a Sheepdog Puppy?

Nothing is impossible, but some things are very, very difficult. Have you ever trained a dog before? Even if it wasn’t a brilliant and dominant breed like the German Shepherd, at least every little thing wouldn’t be new.

Keep in mind that most dogs are not fully grown until they are three years old. That’s a lot of big puppies for three whole years. After four months, your furball will be entering puberty and resisting and developing independence just like us.

Combine that with the fact that this dog was bred to guard the sheep and the yard, which means herding the sheep or cattle into a manageable clump, and you have a dog that, if left undeterred, will treat you like a sheep.

Read everything you can find on German Shepherds. Get Ian Dunbar’s two books on raising a puppy; they are offered as free downloads on his website. He recommends starting to raise a puppy as early as eight weeks of age, and I have seen this practice pay off. He works with positive reinforcement to help you build a happy, stable, confident dog. However, ignore trainers who claim to be “dog whisperers,” as they often use heavy-handed and confrontational methods to develop the dog.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to make the common mistake that many do, and if you don’t want to participate in protection dog trials or keep a guard or working dog, resist the urge to consider protection training. If your dog is stable, attached to you, safe and trusting – when necessary – your dog will protect you. . It is up to you to help him know – on your leash – who is his friend and who is his enemy.

You can train your dog even if you have never done it before – people do it all the time.Incidentally, there are many predictable things that can go wrong.

I recommend hiring a professional dog trainer first, if only to save yourself a lot of frustration. Training a dog is not witchcraft, but it is so much easier if you watch someone else do it first.

Owning a trained dog is something you should strive for and is fun, and the opposite of an untrained dog is a nightmare so avoid it. It’s worth investing in helping you train your dog.

When you spread the cost of training over the number of years you will live with your dog, the cost is truly minimal. Some dog trainers are stars who charge an arm and a leg, but most are quite reasonable. Just be sure to find a dog trainer that trains working breeds like yours. Ask your veterinarian to recommend a good trainer.

If you absolutely cannot afford a dog trainer, ask for help from someone who has successfully trained their own dogs. Dog owners are often very open and willing to help.

One last thought: if you try to train the dog yourself and fail, you may end up with a dangerous dog you can’t live with. What will you do then?

Sheepdog Training: conclusion

In conclusion, training a sheepdog puppy, especially for first-time owners, is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. The unique characteristics of the German Shepherd, bred for herding and guarding, require careful consideration. Patience and early training are emphasized, with positive reinforcement methods recommended by experts like Ian Dunbar. While self-training is possible, seeking professional help is advised to avoid common mistakes and ensure a well-behaved dog.

Investing in training is seen as essential for a harmonious relationship with your canine companion. The potential long-term benefits far outweigh the initial costs, providing a safe and enjoyable living environment for both the owner and the dog. Ultimately, the key is to approach training with commitment, seeking assistance when needed to avoid potential risks associated with an untrained dog.

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